A few design examples of Douglas Fuchs IP work for clients:

1. A multipurpose braai that have three primary functions

  • Serving as a roast or spit braai; with spikes attached to the top end of the triangle spit to cook poultry, legg of lamb, beef roast etc. (See figure A page 2)
  • Serving as a pizza oven with a covering blanket and fire proof tile’s as the pizza base (See figure B page 2)
  • Serving as a normal braai without the pizza base and triangle spit only using the grill (*See figure B page 2) The Pizza tiles lying on the grill will be removed for normal braaiing.

2. Animal Ear tag identifying system

3. A Towing Device

4. Light capturing electronic solar plated device

5. Electric mortuary lift

6. Electronic wind measurement device

The world and its products: